Connecting people with their loved ones who have passed is an intimate, vulnerable, and life-changing experience.”

Pricing of Intuitive & Mediumship Readings

$ 80.00 / 30 minutes & $ 160.00 / 60 minutes

As a Medium, we don’t have a job description; although, I personally believe it’s my job to assist people in the ultimate goal, in my opinion, in life: unconditional love – with others; along with ourselves. Guiding you along your journey of healing, learning, and growing; becoming your true authentic self.

Private Readings

Let me connect you with your loved ones either in person, over the phone (currently within Canada & USA), or even online through Google Duo! Connecting with loved ones is personal and intimate experience. Having a private reading allows individuals to be provided with the time for healing, grieving, comforting, and guidance in a non-judgmental and peaceful environment.

Meeting in the Middle: A Medium Prospective

Looking for a good read? Wanting to know what its like as a medium and how they implement meditation?

Take a look at an article that I wrote featured in Meditation Magazine! Click the link below:

Meeting In The Middle – A Medium Perspective

Expectations / Disclaimer

  • If at any point during a reading you feel uncomfortable, please make me aware. The reading should be as comfortable as possible and offer an overall positive experience.
  • I will not answer any questions relating to death, as I feel its not my place to be giving such information.
  • Free will is something my clients need to be aware of. Not everything that I may tell you is set in stone. We can either change, what we may disagree with, or manifest what is coming from what you hear at your reading. In life, we are allowed to make our own choices and have free-will. I am here just as a guide in your journey to life. I always say our own intuition is the best indicator! Go with your gut!
  • Readings are meant for spiritual guidance and shouldn’t replace legal, medical, financial, or professional advice. Please do not rely on what I may say to you in order to make important decisions in your life. I am strictly here for guidance.
  • Working with Spirit isn’t always easy. Spirit always knows exactly what they are trying to say; but sometimes can be misinterpreted. It’s like your playing charades with a body of light!
  • I have no control over which Spirits come through to visit during the time of readings.
  • I may need to postpone an appointment due to health, weather, or family emergency related situations in which I can have no control over.
  •   I believe things can happen in our lives (emergencies, illness, etc.), but reminds you to please provide a suitable amount of time if you are unable to attend your reading and would like to reschedule.
  •  18+
  • Any further questions, please feel free to email me at anytime!

** For entertainment purposes only **