• "I immediately felt comfortable when I got on the phone with Blake for my reading. My grandparents came through, which hasn't happened before with other mediums so I think they felt comfortable with Blake too. They brought up some important milestones in my life as if to say 'we are watching over you'. It was wonderful to connect with them on the other side. Some interesting things were brought up about unresolved issues from the past. At one point, Blake told me that he was being shown a pair of yellow rubber boots. I had no idea what that meant until I saw an old friend walk by my house wearing a pair a couple days later. He was also able to tell me a bit about where I am heading which was exciting as it is similar to my vision for my life. Nice to know that I am on the right track. Great reading, would highly recommend."

    Jessica BurmanCEO, Cocoon Apothecary
  • "My daughter and I had a reading done by Blake after he was recommended to us by a family member. Having lost my mother 2 years ago, and my daughter's father just a month ago, Blake was able to connect us with both of their spirits, giving us a huge sense of closure. He had mentioned many things that nobody could have possibly known, and even mentioned a few things we were able to connect the dots with after the session (certain numbers/dates). He was very warming and kind, and overall wonderful to speak with. He was very professional in front of my ten year old, and even asked her to leave the room at one point when he thought it may get too emotional for her, which I really appreciated. Would highly recommend to anybody, and looking forward to more readings in the future!"

    Becky Perry
  • Melissa & Travis Binette
  • "Blake is incredibly warm, inviting, and easy to open up to. I recommend Blake if you are seeking to gain insight into the love and light that surrounds you from those in your life that have passed on. He is incredibly intuitive. My conversation with Blake was extremely valuable in bringing me a great deal of much needed peace and understanding."

    Phillip Tate
  • Blake shocked me when he read me actually. He told me things that he couldn't possibly know or just find out. It was a very positive experience and one I will be revisiting.

    Tracey Osborne - Lebel
  • "I am blessed & grateful to say that I was able to connect with Spirit through Blake's reading! Not only was he on point about my family but he also brought validating messages that brought me peace and comfort knowing they are in love & light - thank you Blake..."

  • “Blake created goose bumps when he connected with my Mom. I never believed in this power before meeting Blake! It truly was an amazing and heartwarming connection.“