Prospective Healing

A few weeks ago, I decided to give Netflix another try. My friends were raving about it; I just had to try it.

I came across a show that I may have seen on television from time to time, but didn’t take much interest in it. Intrigued, I started watching. The show: “This Is Us” grabbed my attention real quick.

This show is based around a family known as the Pearson’s. Within a few episodes, you become overwhelmed by all that was going on. It goes very in depth with each character (within the family) and those associate with them (doctors, friends, extended family members, etc.).

Every single episode brought me to tears. It delivered. This authentic, raw, and emotional show gives a wide representation of life. I believe it’s something that you don’t see on traditional television.

Watching this show has been quite the cathartic experience. It brought up many childhood memories, feelings, etc. Its very fitting that Spirit brought me to this show, at this exact time, for healing. I found various parallels between the show and my very own personal life.

Its a show that makes you think …….

This year will mark 2 years, in August, since my father has passed. The past 2 years have been an emotional roller coaster. I had moments of laughter, sadness, anger, regret, etc. during my grief process and transformation.

My father was quite sick during the last year or so of his life and wasn’t the man that I knew growing up. He struggled with addictions for the majority of my life; going from alcohol to prescription pain medication. He slowly turned into someone foreign to me.

We use to have a house full of people, but once people took notice of his struggles with addictions; it all changed. Even my own opinion of my father changed as the years went by. There was a lot of embedded emotional pain for all parties.

He left quite a few obstacles behind for the family when he passed associated with his encounter with substances. At the time, I remember thinking so negatively of him – to the point where “hate” started to become a common word of choice whenever I would think about him.

Retrospective to the situation, I have learned to embrace these experience(s) and turn the negative reality into positive growth; trying to get to the root of everything. As I watched “This Is Us”, I regained the true essence of who my father truly was and gained profound understanding of what it may have been like – through his prospective. It’s provided the closure needed for the final piece of the forgiveness puzzle.

At one point in the show, Randall states something that truly resonated with me:

Our lives are like getting an eye test. We go in and we sit in front of a machine with multiple lenses; some are more blurry and some are more clear. Each and every person looks through their own lens and experiences live vastly different; understanding life with their own prospective.

As Kate states to her brother:

“Grief is like taking a big breath inside your lungs and just holding it.”

Focusing on the past only hinders our progress on the life in which we want to live.

We are SO worth it to have a life filled with happiness, love, acceptance, and MORE. The things that we go through in our lives only teaches us – to make us stronger. Putting work into ourselves is never a waste of time; it’s a valuable investment to yourself.

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